Flo’s Hot Dogs

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Since joining Weight Watchers, I decided eating regular hot dogs just isn’t quite worth it so I typically eat Turkey, Chicken or 97% fat free beef hot dogs.  Although there are a few occasions where I’ll have a regular hot dog – typically once a year at a cookout (if there isn’t anything I’d enjoy – like grilled chicken or steak).  BUT when heading into Maine there is a hot dog stand – Flo’s that makes THE world’s best hot dogs.
Flo’s is located on Route 1 in Cape Neddick Maine.  It’s a small little red building – when you come around the bend you can spot it because there are cars just piled up.  The shop is only open from 11-3 6 days a week.  You can read up about Flo’s on their website and even order their special relish: http://www.floshotdogs.com/.  I’ve purchased the relish to make my hot dogs at home and it truly just isn’t the same.
The hot dogs are made as you order them and the buns are steamed as well.  I ordered a House Special – which comes with mayonnaise (don’t knock it ‘til you try it!), Flo’s relish and celery salt. I opted to add onion to it because it’s just delish.  This combination makes the relish taste sweeter and out of the 2 I ordered this is my favorite combo. I also ordered a Loaded – which comes with mustard, green relish, Flo’s relish, onion and celery salt.  This combination makes the relish tangier.
Sure these two hot dogs cost me 19 points plus values BUT it was completely worth it.  Why? Because I don’t have them all the time, I was looking forward to them for almost a week and I thoroughly enjoyed it as a meal.
What is one of your favorite “once in a while” meals which are a specialty to a particular area you visit?

Lunch: Pigs in a Blanket – a Healthier Alternative

This is what I had for lunch today … pigs in a blanket, but a healthier alternative to the decadent dish.  I had seen quite a few posts on Instagram showcasing these and after picking up some crescent rolls at the market I let my boyfriend know I was going to make these for lunch and he was intrigued because he said he hadn’t had them since he was a kid.  I used regular hot dogs for my boyfriends and used the Hebrew National 97% Fat Free Beef Franks for myself and paired them alongside reduced fat crescent rolls.
I opened the crescent rolls (trying not to jump as it popped) and wrapped each hot dog up into the center of the roll and placed onto a Pam spritzed baking sheet.  I then put them into a 350 degree oven and baked for 12 minutes until nice and golden.  My oven cooks very quickly so I have to avoid baking anything per directions or they just burn up completely.
I did have a small side salad with my pigs in a blanket just to have a bit more filling lunch.  And of course who can have pigs in a blanket without mustard and ketchup? Certainly not this girl!
For two crescent rolls it added up to 5 Points Plus values and for 2 hot dogs it was 2 PointsPlus values.  So a great, 7 Points Plus lunch!
Do you like pigs in a blanket?