Edy’s Limited Edition Slow Churned Pumpkin Patch Ice Cream

The moment fall rolled around the corner I wanted pumpkin ice cream. I hadn’t seen it in any of my stores and after having a conversation with a fellow Instagrammer about the Starbucks Pumpkin Latte ice cream, I was on the hunt. I couldn’t find the Starbucks brand, but I was able to find the Edy’s Limited Edition Slow Churned Pumpkin Patch Ice Cream. Since I’ve been a fan of Edy’s (or Dreyer’s – same company, different name depending on your location) ice cream and their limited edition ice creams in general, I picked it up on a late night run through the grocery store.
Upon bringing it home, my boyfriend and I decided on having a bowl of ice cream to enjoy while watching one of our favorite TV shows.  The ice cream is smooth and creamy and truly reminds me of pumpkin pie filling (that is without the crust).  The pumpkin flavor is up front and steals the show, which is what I look for in pumpkin products. It’s not overwhelming – perhaps it could be if you ate too much of it, but with a serving it’s pleasant. I didn’t find it to be overwhelmingly sweet either, which makes this even more delicious.
A ½ cup serving is 90 calories, or 3 points plus values.
What is your favorite limited edition ice cream?