The greatest invention since sliced bread: PB2

While on Instagram I kept seeing all these photographs of this stuff called PB2.  PB2? Pfft, okay. I’m a foodie by heart, but a critic. Initially my brain said – how in the world can you take something like peanut butter that tastes fabulous and make it a powder and make that equally fabulous? Declined!  I mean I’ve tried powdered eggs before and those were a double thumbs down.
Well, I kept seeing this PB2 stuff all over Instagram … and curiosity got the best of me (partly because I am obsessed with Amazon shopping) so I found a 2-pack of both the regular peanut butter and chocolate so I purchased it.  It was shipped to my house and upon receipt … I admit I was a little skeptical but excited.  I waited a few days to try it and then added it into a smoothie (figuring that would be the safest bet).
To my surprise the stuff was AMAZING!  It gave my chocolate banana smoothie this yummy peanut butter taste and I was immediately hooked. Powdered peanut butter that has the taste of peanut butter but without all the fat? Oh my!!
So I started experimenting – adding it to different things to make dips, to make pies, to make more smoothies and each and every time it’s been amazing.  It gives me that peanut butter flavor I love so much.  Since I follow Weight Watchers, peanut butter can get pretty high in points so I typically avoid it as much as I can – but 2 tablespoons of PB2 is only 1 points plus. Heaven I tell ya, HEAVEN!
Have you jumped on the PB2 wagon? If so, what were your thoughts?