Champagne Grapes

I first saw Champagne Grapes mentioned in a YouTube video and my initial thought was “champagne grapes??” Well, when I went to Walmart I noticed they had a few packages but for a hefty price tag …. $4. I love grapes, but I was not paying $4 for one pound of grapes I had never tried before.  So when I went to Trader Joe’s, I was surprised to see them there as well … for $2 a one pound pack.  So I picked them up.
I have to say these are adorable little grapes. They remind me of the old fashion pictures and commercials where someone is lounging on a lounge chair, being fanned having grapes held over their head for consumption.  There is nothing alcoholic about these grapes and these grapes aren’t even used to make wine.  From what I gather they’re given that name because they are photographed (alongside a champagne flute) because of their dainty, perfect cluster size.
They taste like very sweet grapes.  They are very small … smaller than a blueberry.  The grapes are rather fragile, so you have to take your time pulling them off the stem or they will burst between your fingertips.  Plus, they’re a great, different way of getting your fruit in.
Have you ever tried champagne grapes or even cotton candy grapes?