Fiber One Protein Coconut Almond Bars

I purchased these Fiber One Protein Coconut Almond Bars a while ago, tried them and forgot to post them until I just recently had another. I steer towards Fiber One products at the grocery store for snacks because they have a fair amount of protein, typically taste pretty good and are a great snack.  The line hopped on the “protein bar” bandwagon with a few flavored bars and the coconut almond seemed to be the most attractive.
I had seen numerous instagram posts saying taste just like an almond joy so I was intrigued. I like protein and nutrition bars that remind me of candy bars. But … I don’t feel this taste like an almond joy at all. They have a very prominent coconut flavor and there are almonds scattered throughout the bar. It is encased in chocolate but it has a chewy protein/nutrition bar texture (the bits look like rice crispies). I can see possibly why someone would assume this resembles an almond joy, but taste and texture wise, it’s just not an almond joy for me. Regardless, it is a tasty and filling bar.
Each bar is 140 calories but it does offer 6 grams of protein, they do calculate out to be 4 points plus values. Not bad if you are looking for something that can be sweet and filling but reminiscent of a candy bar.
What is one of your favorite protein bars?