Kidz Zone Perfect Yellow Cupcake

I picked up a box of the Kidz Zone Perfect Yellow Cupcake nutrition bars at Target. I’m a fan of Zone Perfect nutrition bars … so when I saw a bar in a cupcake flavor, I had to give it a go. Sure, it’s marketed towards kids and I am not a kid, but alls fair in the cupcake war.
The bars are pretty decent size especially for being marketed towards kids.  The bars are encased in a thin fudge-like coating.  The bars themselves are chewy as some nutrition bars tend to be. There is a vanilla flavor which is far more prominent in flavor than a cupcake, but it’s doable, passable and not bad. I also found them to be satisfying, especially when in comparison to other snack size bars.
Each bar is 140 calories or 4 points plus values.

Cascadian Farm Organic Oatmeal Raisin Kid-Sized Bars

I spotted these Cascadian Farm Organic Oatmeal Raisin Kid-Sized Bars while out at the store and decided to pick them up. I figured they’d be good to have on hand whenever my sweet tooth showed itself or if I was looking for an alternative to oatmeal raisin cookies.  I haven’t tried any Cascadian Farm products in the past, but I’ve always heard rave reviews so I hoped for deliciousness … and deliciousness is what I got.
The oatmeal raisin bars are kid-sized which is just a way of saying “snack size”.  They’re good for a small snack if you’re looking for something sweet, but they’re certainly not a filling type of snack. They’re soft, chewy, sweet and overall quite delicious. They are one of the best oatmeal raisin snack bars I have tried and I was quite pleased with them.
Each bar is 80 calories or 2 points plus values.

Special K Moments Indulgent Snack Bites – Dreamy Coconut

I enjoy a small sweet snack every once in a while. So, while meandering through the oatmeal and cereal bar aisle, I spotted an item that was new to me. So I picked up the Special K Moments Indulgent Snack Bites in Dreamy Coconut.  I opted to go with the coconut over the caramel pretzel because coconut desserts are definitely a favorite even though dark chocolate is not.
Opening the bar they certainly look indulgent and decadent. They have a macaroon type look to them. Taste wise they’re good … but they’re not mind blowing fabulous. They have a rice krispie texture to them and the coconut flavor is undoubtedly noticeable. The dark chocolate certainly brings down the natural sweetness of it.  It’s a good treat if you’re looking for something small that can satisfy your sweet tooth.
I purchased the box knowing well in advance they were small.  I believe the box even lists the picture on the packaging to be true to size.  Plus, with a description as “snack bites” I was anticipating it to be a few bites.  Turns out the Special K website even describes them as a “just 3 bites and 70 calories”.  If you’re anticipating a larger bar, then you may want to skip these.  If you’re a Weight Watchers meeting member, I’d compare these in size to the snack bars that are sold in meeting locations.
Each bar is 70 calories and 2 points plus values.

Fiber One Lemon Bar

This is a new snack I was on the hunt for, for weeks!  All I have to say is … it was well worth the wait.
Fiber One has had snack bars out on the market for a very long time.  I find they’re alright, but they’re typically not something I crave.  So, why did I go on the hunt for lemon bars? Honestly? I love lemon.  They’re point friendly, filled with fiber and I just had to try them.
I opened up the package and I have to admit, they are smaller.  You’d probably be done the bar in 4-5 bites.  Size aside these are delicious.  Just tearing open the pack, a lemony scent wafts up to your nose.  The cakes have a little frosting drizzled over the top, which gives it a bit of a bite since the frosting is harder than the cake (which is soft).  One bite and you’re sold – well at least my boyfriend and I both were.  I love lemon, my boyfriend loves lemon more than I, and we both thoroughly enjoyed this snack cake.  Definitely worth the hunt if you’re in the market for a new low 2 point plus value snack.
Have you tried the Fiber One lemon bars?

Weight Watchers Snacks Haul

I picked up a few items at my Weight Watchers meeting a few weeks ago primarily because I really wanted to try one of them and the others sounded interesting.  In celebration of Weight Watchers being a withstanding business for 50 years, they came out with a new snack bar – Celebration Cake.  I’d heard so many people saying how delicious these bars were.  I had waited almost a month before I caved and picked up a box and I have to say they are absolutely delicious! They give you that definitive sweetness you’d get from a piece of birthday cake and I find the texture is a little spongey-ish.  Definitely really good and I find I’m able to have one without wanting another.  I also picked up a box of Fruities.  I’ve seen fruities for the longest time and finally decided to try them … I got a box of cherry, which are REALLY chewy candy bits (think Swedish fish just harder and chewier) and a box of Citrus Drops which are soft chews.
Of course all these products are only available at a Weight Watchers meeting or store-front.  Prices vary based on weekly/monthly sales, etc.
Have you ever tried a Weight Watchers product?