Fiber One Chocolate Pudding

When I first saw the Fiber One Chocolate Pudding pop up on my local grocery stores shelves I purchased it (and the vanilla) right away. I enjoy Fiber One products and due to the nutrition facts I decided to give it a try.
The pouch houses 2 servings of pudding and it’s recommended to set it with skim milk.  After combining the two ingredients together, the instructions call for them to be beat together for 2-minutes. Usually with Jell-O pudding you can see the pudding thickening up before your eyes. But with the Fiber One pudding the pudding stays at a liquidy consistency after mixing for 2-minutes. After mixing, it calls to allow the pudding to set in the fridge for 5-10 minutes. I admit, I was a little skeptical … but low and behold after 10 minutes the pudding was completely set. It’s a lot smoother pudding in comparison to Jell-O pudding, but mixing it with a spoon and serving it up you can’t really tell a difference. The pudding itself is sweet, chocolaty and quite filling. I enjoyed mine over sliced banana, while my boyfriend had his inside of a miniature graham cracker pie crust.
A serving (as packaged) is ½ the container which is 40 calories or 1 points plus value, or as prepared with skim milk a serving is 90 calories or 2 points plus values.

Fiber One Protein Coconut Almond Bars

I purchased these Fiber One Protein Coconut Almond Bars a while ago, tried them and forgot to post them until I just recently had another. I steer towards Fiber One products at the grocery store for snacks because they have a fair amount of protein, typically taste pretty good and are a great snack.  The line hopped on the “protein bar” bandwagon with a few flavored bars and the coconut almond seemed to be the most attractive.
I had seen numerous instagram posts saying taste just like an almond joy so I was intrigued. I like protein and nutrition bars that remind me of candy bars. But … I don’t feel this taste like an almond joy at all. They have a very prominent coconut flavor and there are almonds scattered throughout the bar. It is encased in chocolate but it has a chewy protein/nutrition bar texture (the bits look like rice crispies). I can see possibly why someone would assume this resembles an almond joy, but taste and texture wise, it’s just not an almond joy for me. Regardless, it is a tasty and filling bar.
Each bar is 140 calories but it does offer 6 grams of protein, they do calculate out to be 4 points plus values. Not bad if you are looking for something that can be sweet and filling but reminiscent of a candy bar.
What is one of your favorite protein bars?

Fiber One 90 Calorie Cinnamon Coffee Cake

If you’re a fan of Fiber One products, you may have noticed the brand released two new products to their cake line – a lemon (see that post here) and a cinnamon coffee cake. So, I finally got around to trying the Fiber One 90 Calorie Cinnamon Coffee Cakeand all I can say is these are absolutely amazing!
The cakes themselves are on the smaller side, but they pack a punch in the flavor department which completely makes up for that.  The cakes are made up of a square softer cake which is scattered with crunchy brown sugary bits, which is drizzled with a hardened frosting. Taste wise, it tastes exactly like a full-fat cinnamon crumb cake muffin or even cinnamon coffee cake.  In a way it reminded me of the obnoxiously high in fat and calories Dunkin Donuts coffee cake muffins. They can be eaten straight out of the package, or they can even be put into the microwave for a few seconds to warm it up.  Both ways are completely decadent.  You can also jazz these up with whipped cream, a scoop of ice cream, fruit, or as I’ve been recommended a tablespoon of peanut butter or cookie butter.
Since these satisfy my sweet tooth, I really enjoy these.  Each cake is only 90 calories and 2 points plus a piece.  Totally worth it!
Have you tried any of the new Fiber One cakes?

Fiber One Lemon Bar

This is a new snack I was on the hunt for, for weeks!  All I have to say is … it was well worth the wait.
Fiber One has had snack bars out on the market for a very long time.  I find they’re alright, but they’re typically not something I crave.  So, why did I go on the hunt for lemon bars? Honestly? I love lemon.  They’re point friendly, filled with fiber and I just had to try them.
I opened up the package and I have to admit, they are smaller.  You’d probably be done the bar in 4-5 bites.  Size aside these are delicious.  Just tearing open the pack, a lemony scent wafts up to your nose.  The cakes have a little frosting drizzled over the top, which gives it a bit of a bite since the frosting is harder than the cake (which is soft).  One bite and you’re sold – well at least my boyfriend and I both were.  I love lemon, my boyfriend loves lemon more than I, and we both thoroughly enjoyed this snack cake.  Definitely worth the hunt if you’re in the market for a new low 2 point plus value snack.
Have you tried the Fiber One lemon bars?

Breakfast: Chocolate Fiber One w/ Fresh Fruit & Almond Milk

This is what I had for breakfast this morning.  I used to be a big lover of Fiber One cereal (the regular kind) until I started eating too much of it.  I saw this at the store and decided to pick it up because 1) it was chocolate and 2) it’s fiber filled cereal.  I have issues with cereals sometimes, especially when they’re not filling because a few hours after eating I find my blood sugar takes a nose dive and I’m left feeling dizzy.  I tend to eat protein packed meals and that helps keep my levels stabilized and also keeps my hunger at bay.  Anyway!
I had ¾ cup of Chocolate Fiber One, 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk, 4 sliced strawberries and a small sliced banana.  It was totally delicious and only 3 Weight Watchers Points for the whole bowl.  A great, filling, healthy breakfast!
Have you tried any of the Fiber One cereals?