Nestle PomPom Marshmallow Cakes

I picked up this box of Nestle PomPom Marshmallow Cakes at Big Lots yesterday.  They were only a dollar, so I figured if they were a complete fail, it wouldn’t annoy me because I didn’t spend a whole lot of money on them.  I have to admit upon opening them and sharing with my boyfriend, they were pretty tasty little “cakes”.
They are the size of a cookie and are very light and airy.  The bottom of the cake is a very thin cake and it’s topped with a light and airy marshmallow which is cased in shredded coconut.  They’re delicious with the right hint of sweetness and a nice punch of coconut.  I did see these also came in a chocolate variety, but I love coconut so I figured these would do the trick.
Serving size wise – 4 is a serving, which is generous.  They’re also very low in calories – 90 for a serving.  Weight Watchers Points Plus wise, 4 cakes will cost you 3 Points Plus, whereas I had 2 (half a serving) and it was only 1 points plus.  Definitely worth the pick-up if you spot these!
There ain’t no shame in my game because I LOVE Crocs and own too many pairs to even openly admit to (seriously, it’s cray).  I went into Marshall’s a few weeks back simply to browse the store because I had a gift card and wanted to do some retail therapy.  While browsing around I spotted these shoes in the back of the store (where the Crocs are stashed) and gasped.  When I went to Florida 5 years ago I saw the Mickey Mouse Crocs being sold in Disney but they were ridiculously priced (like more than $40).  I admit they were the cutest thing I have ever seen but I refused to drop that much money on a pair of Crocs since I had a bunch at home. Needless to say these had to come home with me … and for $15 it was a no brainer.  I’ve worn these every single day since purchasing (and yes I’ve worn them out – on warmer days) but I usually wear them in the house since I’m anti-walking barefoot.
Do you like coconut desserts?