Russell Strover S’mores (Caramel and Original)

I originally tried these Russell Strover’s S’mores last year around Halloween time.  I only purchased one, thought they were delicious … so needles to say when I saw these at Walmart right before the 4th of July I picked up one of each flavor – original and caramel.  My boyfriend and I didn’t have any plans for the fourth, we wanted to stay in so I figured these would be a nice treat for us after hanging in all day.  Well … I’ll just say these didn’t make it to the 4th BUT they did make it to 2 days beforehand!
These are a delicious invention and they should certainly be available all year long.  It’s a classic s’more but with a very unique twist.  There’s two graham crackers sandwiched between an ooey gooey super soft marshmallow which is coated in chocolate then stuck between the graham crackers.  The only difference with the caramel s’mores is in between the chocolate and marshmallow there is a layer of ooey gooey caramel.  The caramel was hands down my favorite.
These are great because its portion control at its finest.  S’mores are one of those summer treats that can easily be over eaten because it’s sugar overload.  Whereas with these packaged s’mores you open the packet and once it’s gone, it’s gone. You can note the points in your tracker and there’s no guilt, there’s no “double dipping”, etc.
The original s’mores is 6 points plus for the whole thing or 3 points plus for half.  The caramel s’mores is 7 points plus for the whole thing or 3 points plus for half.
Have you tried the Russell Strover’s packaged S’mores?