Pure Protein Shake Frosty Chocolate

Recently, you may have seen me post about the Vanilla Cream Pure Protein Shake.
Well, while at the supermarket I was meandering through the aisles in the health food section and noticed they carried 4-pack screw top bottles of Pure Protein Shake so I picked up the Frosty Chocolate to try.  There was also a Cookies & Cream flavor, which I undoubtedly want to try next.  Although I have since spotted the brand at Walmart (as well a keg of pure protein powder).
There are days and instances where I just need to boost my protein intake.  I admit I don’t like to drink my points, but for a whole can which can give me 23 grams of protein for only 3 points plus values – I’ll take it.  Most protein powders/shakes/drinks are in the 5+ points value range particularly when they get into the higher levels of protein such as this (23g).  Occasionally on days where I’m not really hungry for good for breakfast, I’ll have a shake and it tides me over for a few hours until lunch time.
The Frosty Chocolate isn’t bad, but I think the vanilla is better.  This doesn’t have a solid aftertaste, but it does kind of remind me of a chalky chocolate – but it’s nothing disgusting.  I’ve drank two cans of these already and they just do the job.
Have you tried any of the Pure Protein Shakes?

Pure Protein Vanilla Shake

Recently I’ve been in the market for protein shakes/drinks/supplements. I had surgery and nurse after nurse had been telling me to increase my protein intake because it would help my healing process smooth along a lot quicker.  Typically when I am uncomfortable, the last thing I want to do is think about what there is in the house to eat – let alone what I want to ask someone to make for me, or even muster up the courage to make it myself.  I’d tried a few other premade protein drinks in the past and haven’t been too keen on them (chalky, aftertaste, or just plain nasty) but when I spotted these Pure Protein Shakes at Trader Joe’s I decided to give the vanilla a shot before I bought anymore just to have on hand.
I admit, I don’t like to drink my points, I’d rather eat them.  But there are times where I just need protein because my body feels like its starving and I’m launched into what I refer to as “hungry horror mode.”  Having something that’s packed with protein certainly helps and this protein shake has 21 grams of protein in it – a lot more than the Boost version I had picked up at Target a whiles back.
After having it in the refrigerator for a few days, I took out the can, shook it up a bit and took a swig.  Surprisingly, it was good.  It’s a thinner beverage, but not too thin … not too thick, kind of middle of the road in thickness. It’s definitely vanilla cream – but it’s a smooth and creamy taste.  They remind me of a Weight Watchers protein powder drink, but just with double the amount of protein. There is a bit of an aftertaste, but nothing drastic or overwhelming and it goes away rather quickly.  I did find it was sustaining and I felt satisfied after drinking it and wasn’t hungry for a few hours after drinking it.
There is a chocolate variety available which is slightly higher in points.  The vanilla cream is only 2 points plus per can, which is amazing for a protein drink.  All that I’ve found have been 5-6 points plus values each, for premade drinks.  Next time I pop into Trader Joe’s I am definitely picking a few more of these up.  They’re a perfect hold over snack/beverage between meals.
Have you tried any of the Pure Protein Shakes?