Skinnytaste Low Fat Banana Nut Bread

I had some ripe bananas on the counter that needed to be put to good use. I’m very picky with bananas if they start to get brown spots on them, I don’t want to eat them so I typically let them sit to get browner so I can make a dessert with them.  I had an over abundance of bananas to use up so I decided to make banana bread so I could bring a bread to my dad for Father’s Day (since banana bread is one of his favorites).
I followed the recipe exactly as listed and it was so easy to make.  The most time consuming part is waiting for them to finish baking.  I let them sit overnight to cool completely, wrapped one up and brought it over to my dad the next day and the remaining banana bread I kept for the house.  My boyfriend is a big fan of banana bread and he was enjoying it. I had a slice and it was seriously delicious.  The greatest part was 1/13th of each individual bread is 4 points plus (with the walnuts).
My dad had some banana bread later on in the day when I had given it to him, so he gave me a call to let me know it was delicious.  Winning banana bread!
To see the recipe I followed to make these yummy banana breads, see here:

Have you made banana bread at home?