Weight Watchers – Popped Roasted Red Pepper Crisps

A new snack has been released to Weight Watchers locations – that snack being the Popped Roasted Red Pepper Crisps. After hearing the receptionists talk about how delicious they were, I decided to pick up a box. They were on sale for I want to say $3.50 or $3.95 – I can’t remember.  I love roasted red pepper hummus, so I was intrigued to see how this would correspond in chip form.
The interesting part of these chips is they really DO taste like roasted red pepper hummus.  They are made out of chick pea flour and rice flour.  The flavor of the roasted red peppers is clearly evident BUT it’s not overwhelming.  The coloring may stick to your fingers and it may very well give you slightly red fingertips.  I found they were a nice snack. They’d be great to pair with a sandwich or even to have as a snack with a small piece of fruit (well, I suggest fruit because I am a volume eater and a bag of chips is not going to completely fill my stomach.)
They really aren’t bad for 2 points plus values.  I love crunchy, snacky foods and the normal flavors that are out in the market can sometimes get boring – so these “spice” things up a bit (and no, they are not spicy).
Have you tried the new Popped Roasted Red Pepper Crisps?