Strawberry Orange Banana Crystal Light with Green Tea

I’ve been considering making a detox drink for myself – you know the cucumber, mint and lemon concoction to help flush your system from the inside.  I find there are times where I am really great at getting all my water in for the day, and then there are other days where I’m questioning if I even drank any water for the day (outside of ice coffee, etc.).  Forgetting to buy extra lemons, I decided to make a different sort of drink for myself.
Green tea is a great little natural remedy which has many different health benefits.  I don’t necessarily love the taste of green tea on its own, but I do like green tea when it’s got other flavors in it (Lipton has a great line).  While at the store, I opted to pick up a box of Green Tea and then a canister of Crystal Light.
I whipped up a big double batch to have in the refrigerator and I in turn brought it over to my aunt’s house during a family BBQ.  When I do make canisters of Crystal Light or even one of those to go packets I always add extra water. If I don’t I feel the drink is far too sweet for my liking.  Each large packet of Crystal Light calls for 8 cups of water, I typically go for 10-12 depending on the flavor of the drink I am making (some are sweeter than others).
I emptied a packet of Crystal Light into 2 cups of water in a glass then poured it into my container and then poured 6 cups of water into the container.  I repeated this twice then took 9 tea bags and put 3 bags into 3 separate coffee mugs. I heated some water and poured it over the teabags (about 2 cups of water each mug) and let them steep. I let them steep for about 10 minutes before removing the tea bags and pouring the liquid into the container. Giving it a nice shake I then tucked it away in the refrigerator to get nice and cold.
I have to say, it was really refreshing, with a mild green tea flavor in the background.  You could of course increase the amount of tea or decrease per your taste.