Trader Joe’s Barbecue Popped Potato Chips

I picked these Barbecue Popped Potato Chips up at Trader Joe’s simply because I have this thing about trying popped chips by all different brands.  I find the consistency of the chip is the same (texture, etc.) but the flavors vary vastly company to company.  Some companies carry very unique flavoring, some carry typical staple flavorings but each has a different nitch in the flavor category.
I’m a fan of Popchips.  I have been since the brand came out – I can’t say I’m a fan of all the flavors I’ve tried, but they’re a great healthier alternative to greasy potato chips.  I’m a crunchy snacker.  If it’s got a crunch to it, I will find it and I will have to try it.  Or if you’re in a room with me and you’re crunching, I may have to investigate to find out what it is you’re crunching. Sensory triggers, gotta love it.
These retail for right around $2 at Trader Joe’s which is a fair price in comparison to competitors.  Flavor wise?  I have to say these take the cake.  Hands down, these are the BEST barbecue flavored popped chips I have had to date.  They are a true barbecue flavor.  Not too sweet, not too tangy, not too spicy – just right.  It’s very smooth on the palette, not overly salty, no aftertaste, no additional sweetness or heat just a very great classic barbecue flavor.  I absolutely loved them and will definitely be buying another bag on my next trip to Trader Joe’s.
Serving size is 20 chips or 28 grams if you prefer to weigh them (to get a more accurate serving size).  Points plus wise these will only cost you 3 points.  Not bad at all.  Definitely a homerun.
What is your favorite popped chips flavor?