Olive Garden Light Italian Dressing

This was a fun food find at Walmart – Olive Garden Light Italian Dressing.  I love having salad, but I admit sometimes my salad dressing choices can get old. I believe I have the largest array of salad dressings in the refrigerator, but my Italian dressing choice is boring to me as of late that I don’t even use it – so this was a perfect find.
I haven’t been to the Olive Garden in ages, but I recall when I last went the best thing about my meal was the salad and breadsticks. The dressing is sold in both the full-fat and light variety.  Since I do not use full-fat dressings (because frankly they are not worth the calories/fat/points) I opted to go with the Light.  I will admit, it was a little pricey as far as dressings are concerned – $3.28.
The dressing is liquidy as most Italian dressings are but is packed with flavor.  There’s a zippiness to it, that’s pleasing on the taste. There’s also a nice helping of romano cheese throughout the dressing which give it a salty quality. It’s definitely a homerun and a far different flavor when compared to regular Italian (as in Robusto Italian dressing).
There’s 30 calories in a 2 tablespoon serving – which is 1 points plus value.  Although for 1 tablespoon serving, 15 calories and 0 points plus values.
Have you tried the Olive Garden light Italian dressing?