Stride Sour Patch Kids Lime Sugar Free Gum

I was super excited when I spotted and picked up the Red Berry Sour Patch Kid gum, but I was put onto a hunt when I found out there was a lime flavor available.  So that set me on a mission which I continuously came up empty handed for … until I went to Target.  That’s when I stumbled upon a 3-pack of the Stride Sour Patch Kids Lime Sugar Free Gum in the candy aisle.
Like the Red Berry, the gum itself smells EXACTLY like Sour Patch Kids. The scent alone leaves one with their mouth watering. Popping the gum in my mouth I immediately get that sour flavoring, but as you chew it gets sweeter and tastes just like lime … and just like a sour patch kid. I truthfully think the lime tastes better than the red berry, which is surprising because with the actual candy itself the red is my favorite.
These are sold in single packages and in 3-packs.  The 3-pack of course being cost effective.  The gum is <5 calories a serving.