Strong Confident You Giveaway Prize!

Last month I entered a giveaway on the Mama Love blog ( where a shirt from the Strong Confident You Etsy shop ( was being given away. The great thing was that when you won, you were able to choose any shirt of your choice.  I was e-mailed by Sarah advising that I had won and I was so excited! I don’t typically win a lot of raffles, so this was a great pick-me-up!
I browsed the website and the moment I laid eyes on this t-shirt I knew it was the one I wanted.  The shirt says “Earn your Body. Own your mind.”It’s totally a quote I believe in and live by. Obtaining the body I now have has been a lot of hard work over the last 3 ½ years. I still have a ways to go, but I’ve earned this and my mind is my own – no one can change my thinking or my thoughts.
I received my shirt in the mail and was very excited. I will say, the shirt runs on the smaller size, but the fabric is so soft and comfortable. I totally see this as being my new weigh-in shirt and even a new gym shirt.