Special K Pastry Crisps – Cookies & Crème

I’ve been eyeing the Special K Pastry Crisps for a while now but hadn’t purchased them until I saw they had a new flavor – Cookies & Crème!  I love Cookies & Crème as an ice cream flavor so I figured I’d like it as a pastry crisp.
The pastry crisps themselves are similar to that of a very thin poptart.  It’s a pastry outside, a cream filling in the middle with a little frosting drizzle over the top.  They are smaller, but you do get a serving size of 2 crisps.  They do give you that sweet chocolatey crunch you may be looking for.  I ate them straight out of the package, but next time I have one I am definitely going to be putting it into the microwave or toaster oven for a few seconds to warm through.
A package of pastry crisps will cost you 3 points plus values.  Not entirely bad for a snacky food which can cure your sweet tooth.
Have you tried the Special K Pastry Crisps? If so, what is your favorite flavor?