Market Pantry Broccoli & Beef

I had spotted this “new” line of frozen family dinner meals at Target a few weeks ago and was eying the chicken teriyaki (or was it sweet and sour chicken?) but decided to pass up on it for the time being.  Well, when I went back to Target they had marked them all down onto clearance and the chicken ones were gone, but the Broccoli & Beef was leftover (as well as a lasagna, etc..).
Considering I wanted something quick to have for lunch or dinner I picked it up for under $4 and made it for lunch the next day.  19 minutes in the microwave and lunch was done and ready to be served.  I admit it looks a lot prettier on the box – but if it were split into separate cooking compartments that presentation would be possible after cooking.  But since it’s all layered together – you get what you get.
Serving size is 1 cup (the container houses 4 servings).  It has a very good taste, the soy ginger sauce over the beef was quite delicious.  The meal blended together well and the added broccoli gave it a nice flare for a vegetable.  My boyfriend even enjoyed it and thought it was good (which is a rarity because he’s not much of a frozen dinner person).
Points plus wise the 1 cup serving was 6 points plus.
Have you tried any Market Pantry frozen dinners?