Nestle Fat Free Hot Cocoa

I’ve been searching high and low for the Nestle Fat Free Hot Cocoa but continuously came up empty handed because for some reason Swiss Miss is the hot cocoa mix of choice on many grocery retailers’ shelves.  I specifically wanted to pick this up because it’s more of a guilt free hot cocoa in comparison to other brands. I found this in my local grocery store one afternoon because they brought the brand in because they were completely out of Swiss Miss diet and sugar free.
Since it was a very cold night, I decided to make myself a cup of hot cocoa. I boiled my water, emptied the cocoa package into my mug. When done I stirred it up and gave it a sip … and was pleasantly surprised.  The cocoa is chocolately but it’s not creamy – so if you’re looking for something as creamy as say a Swiss Miss you won’t find it here. Considering the nutrition facts I’ll take it because it’s one of those products that can curb a chocolate craving.  I’ve also been told this is great to add to coffee to help sweeten it up without needing to add sugar/creamer. While I’ve heard it’s also good to incorporate with whipped cream or yogurt. I plan on giving that a try sometime soon!
A single packet is 20 calories or 0 points plus values.
What is your favorite hot cocoa mix?

Nestle Raspberry & Cream Ice Cream Bars

A couple weeks ago Shaw’s was having a sale on Nestle ice creams.  If you purchased 4 boxes of ice cream you got them for $1.77/ea.  I had $1 off any Nestle ice cream coupons, making each box of ice cream 77 cents.  Since my boyfriend likes Drumsticks and they’re ridiculously expensive I decided to get a few boxes to stick in the freezer and spotted these Nestle Raspberry & Cream bars for myself.
The bars have a raspberry flavored “popsicle” coating on the outside (it’s crunchy and hard as classic popsicles are) with the middle being a creamy ice cream. The combination is really delicious and thirst quenching, particularly on those hot summer days.
One of the great parts is that a popsicle is only 2 points plus values.  I love finding low points plus ice cream finds!
Have you tried the Raspberry & Cream bars?

Nestle PomPom Marshmallow Cakes

I picked up this box of Nestle PomPom Marshmallow Cakes at Big Lots yesterday.  They were only a dollar, so I figured if they were a complete fail, it wouldn’t annoy me because I didn’t spend a whole lot of money on them.  I have to admit upon opening them and sharing with my boyfriend, they were pretty tasty little “cakes”.
They are the size of a cookie and are very light and airy.  The bottom of the cake is a very thin cake and it’s topped with a light and airy marshmallow which is cased in shredded coconut.  They’re delicious with the right hint of sweetness and a nice punch of coconut.  I did see these also came in a chocolate variety, but I love coconut so I figured these would do the trick.
Serving size wise – 4 is a serving, which is generous.  They’re also very low in calories – 90 for a serving.  Weight Watchers Points Plus wise, 4 cakes will cost you 3 Points Plus, whereas I had 2 (half a serving) and it was only 1 points plus.  Definitely worth the pick-up if you spot these!
There ain’t no shame in my game because I LOVE Crocs and own too many pairs to even openly admit to (seriously, it’s cray).  I went into Marshall’s a few weeks back simply to browse the store because I had a gift card and wanted to do some retail therapy.  While browsing around I spotted these shoes in the back of the store (where the Crocs are stashed) and gasped.  When I went to Florida 5 years ago I saw the Mickey Mouse Crocs being sold in Disney but they were ridiculously priced (like more than $40).  I admit they were the cutest thing I have ever seen but I refused to drop that much money on a pair of Crocs since I had a bunch at home. Needless to say these had to come home with me … and for $15 it was a no brainer.  I’ve worn these every single day since purchasing (and yes I’ve worn them out – on warmer days) but I usually wear them in the house since I’m anti-walking barefoot.
Do you like coconut desserts?