Grilled Cheese

My niece and nephew were over this weekend. After they had been running around and playing I asked if they were hungry. I got two yeses across the board so I decided to make them something quick because I truthfully didn’t have anything prepared that would’ve been a quick small meal.  So I decided on grilled cheese sandwiches.  Theirs were made with your classic white bread and American cheese …. And I made one for myself on my light bread using fat free american cheese.
This is a great, quick meal where I’m able to have a sandwich with my niece and nephew and not have to sit on the “sidelines” and have my niece or nephew wonder why auntie isn’t having lunch with them.
The greatest part this sandwich is ONLY 3 points plus values!  How? Well, I use light Italian bread.  I buy the store brand because it’s cheaper but I do know Country Kitchen makes a version which is also 1 points plus value. Brand names differ region to region but if you can find a Light Italian they’re typically the same calories/points plus value wise.  For cheese … I use 1 slice of fat free American. Butter? I use a few sprays of spray butter on each side of my bread and toast it up until nice and crisp.
I’ve even jazzed my sandwich up in the past with some deli meat or if I want to keep it simple and light I’ve even added slices of tomato with some black pepper to season it.
Are you a grilled cheese fan?