Breakfast for Dinner

Having breakfast for dinner is starting to become a staple dish within my household.  My boyfriend isn’t a big breakfast guy, while I on the other hand am a breakfast girl.  Granted, my breakfasts are usually not as lavish as they’d be if they were for dinner, but regardless I’m having something in the morning!
This entire meal was really brought on because I purchased the new Al Fresco Country Style Chicken Sausage Breakfast Patties.  I’m a big fan of the Al Fresco sausage line and I was completely intrigued after finding out one sausage patty was only 2 points plus values.
I whipped up some scrambled egg substitute with some frozen pepper stripes in it, seasoned with pepper, salt and a handful of spices.  I did sprinkle a tablespoon of shredded fat free mozzarella over my eggs for a little added pizzazz.
I like to purchase shredded potatoes in a bag or even diced potatoes in a bag because you can typically have 3 ounces for 2 points plus.  Even if they are seasoned, I do re-season them with garlic, black pepper and a dash of salt.
As a staple to tie it all together, I garnished my plate with 2 slices of light Italian bread toasted and spritzed with spray butter.
For a side I had a few pieces of cantaloupe and 2 strawberries cut up.
The entire plate was 7 points plus.
What are some items you like to have for breakfast or even breakfast for dinner?