Trader Joe’s Chicken Shu Mai

I picked up a box of Chicken Shu Mai at Trader Joe’s from the freezer section because they looked delicious.  I’ve always been a sucker for potstickers at my local Chinese food restaurant.  Granted, these aren’t pot stickers, but they reminded me of a lot healthier version.  Granted, they’re a bit of a wonton (which in my area is only served in soup!) but I was looking forward to trying it.
The box describes it as a chicken and vegetable dumpling with a tangy soy sauce.  The dumpling itself is very flavorful and can honestly be eaten by itself. It has a nice flavoring, with a mild hint of scallion (green onions) in the background.  They cook up super fast because they are already pre-cooked – so I went the easy way out and steamed them in the microwave. I believe you can pan fry these if you wished – which would only make the outside a little crunchy.  The soy sauce is CRAZY tangy – like face puckering tangy. I’m a fan of dipping sauces, but this is not one that I was a fan of. It tasted as though there was a ton of citrus in with the soy sauce. Woo … it gave me chills!
You do get a generous serving – 6 pieces with 1/3 of the sauce (which is really too much because the sauce is SO tangy you only need a tiny little bit).  Points plus wise a serving is only 4 pointsplus!
Have you tried Trader Joe’s Chicken Shu Mai?