Edy’s Limited Edition Slow Churned German Chocolate Cake Ice Cream

I’ve seen this Edy’s Limited Edition Slow Churned German Chocolate Cake Ice Cream in the market time and time again, but had not picked it up until last week. I’m not the biggest fan of chocolate ice cream, but I’m a big fan of German chocolate cake – so I figured why not try a different taste in regard to ice cream instead of the staple vanilla?
What sold me initially was 1) the name and 2) the mention of coconut and caramel in the description. I’m a sucker for coconut desserts.  According to the container it’s a chocolate light ice cream with a caramel coconut swirl and brownie pieces.  Opening the container it looked like regular chocolate ice cream with a few brownie pieces lingering throughout and an occasional caramel swirl.  Taste wise it tastes exactly like chocolate coconut, but this coconut flavoring does dissipate as you eat your ice cream and I was left with a mere chocolate flavor.  The caramel swirls are rather few and far between … they are in there, but there isn’t much.  Now the brownie pieces are more prominent but they’re not overwhelming.
I was quite pleased with the ice cream. I will say, after finishing my half cup serving the general sweetness of it really lingered with me.  Anymore than a half cup, I believe I would have felt sick just because of the sheer richness of it.
A ½ cup serving is 110 calories and 3 Points Plus Values. Quite worth it for an ice cream the whole family can enjoy without it being deemed the dreaded “diet food” term.
What is your favorite ice cream flavor?