Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Veggie Pasta

Ever since childhood, I’ve been a fan of macaroni and cheese. I don’t make macaroni and cheese often because if I make it, typically only I will be eating it and normal box of macaroni and cheese makes 4 servings. I spotted this Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Veggie Pasta and was intrigued because 1) it contains vegetable pasta and 2) there are only 2 servings in the box, so I picked it up.
I boiled my pasta and when done I strained it and put it back into the pan. Since I never put butter/margarine in my macaroni and cheese, I gave it a few spritz of spray butter, dumped in the cheese packet and added 2 tbsp of skim milk. I stirred it all up and found it actually incorporated together a lot better than the original mac and cheese. It’s also not as yellow/orangey as the original. Taste wise, I have to honestly say it is better than the original. It’s not as sticky, it’s enjoyable, and it’s light but filling with a protein alongside it.  I enjoyed this so much I made sure to go back to the store I found them at and pick up 2 boxes to have in the cabinet since this isn’t sold everywhere.
A serving is 1 cup (half the box) and is 250 calories (that is without the directed use of milk and butter) or 6 points plus values.
What is your favorite macaroni and cheese?

My version of an Authentic English dinner

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We have a local English butcher/market in town which has been in business for 60+ years.  The butcher makes and sells some of the freshest meat you can find.  One of the things they sell is homemade sausage.  Originally they started out selling only English pork sausage (Bangers) and they branched into selling a smaller breakfast version and went into flavored sausages – Greek, tomato, hot, cheese, etc.  I enjoy many of the sausage flavors they sell but the traditional pork banger sausages are my all-time favorite.  Then again, I grew up eating these.
In England, bangers are served with peas and mashed potatoes.  Growing up my mother always made macaroni and cheese as a side for this dish.  My father enjoyed it this way and it’s what’s “normal” for me to have with it.  I typically don’t eat pork sausage because it’s so high in fat (and WW Points plus values) but to have something you really want and enjoy once in a while is totally worth it.
The sausages are raw, so to cook them I put in about ¼ cup water into the bottom of a pan, place the sausages in and cover them up.  I let them steam in the water, removing the lid to turn them and let them simmer down.  When the water was almost evaporated I added some more because they certainly would not have been done yet.  I followed the process through again and when done I let the casings brown on each side before removing them from the pan.
I cooked my Kraft macaroni and cheese per the box directions, skipped on the butter and milk, added a tiny bit of spray butter, the cheese packet and some black pepper.  I served this along side some no-salt added peas.
Points Plus value wise this meal was 19 points plus.  Yes, that’s a lot, but I don’t have this all the time.  The sausage was 11 points, the mac and cheese was 7 and the peas were 1.  It was so filling I could only eat half and ended up eating the other half a few hours later.
Have you ever had English pork bangers before?