Burger King – Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae

Every once in a while I enjoy grabbing an ice cream while out. Typically, McDonald’s has been the location of choice because I can get a vanilla cone, I know the points and there’s no second guessing, unlimited choices to choose from and it’s always portioned.  A few months back Burger King began selling ice cream cones and ice cream sundaes but I hadn’t looked up the points because I simply haven’t been in an ice cream mood … until the other night.
I wanted a sundae, but I didn’t want one from McDonald’s.  Chocolate sundaes can get old, plus they’re not truly a favorite of mine. I like caramel or strawberry sundaes and well … McDonald’s doesn’t do caramel sundaes anymore. So I pulled up the Burger King website, found the ice creams, saw the strawberry (and caramel), calculated and decided Burger King had won!  A few minute jaunt down to Burger King and I had a small Strawberry Sundae in hand!
The sundae is delicious – the strawberry sauce isn’t very sweet and there are real pieces of strawberry in it.  The ice cream is similar to the frozen soft serve you’d get at McDonald’s.  Together it was quite a delicious and satisfying treat.  There are 2 sizes available – I went with the small because that’s truly more than I needed.  I enjoyed it and I will definitely keep Burger King on my radar for whenever I’m in the mood for a strawberry or caramel sundae!
A small strawberry sundae is 190 calories or 5 points plus values.  Worth it? I think so!
Have you tried any ice cream dessert from BK?