Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Pita Chips

Growing up in my area, pita chips were a regular snack (well, typically the cinnamon sugar or garlic varieties). Pita chips entail some of my favorite things … bread and some sort of seasoning. I would occasionally pick them up when I went to one of my local Lebanese bakeries if I went to the meat market that sold a packaged version.  But, while at Trader Joe’s I decided to pick up their Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Pita Chips to give them a whirl.
What floored me initially was the fact that these are reduced guilt … and secondly the fact that the nutrition facts are half what they are on the ones I typically picked up.  When I opened them I noticed they are all cut into square pieces and I found each piece ranges in texture from either a softer crunchy to a hard crunchy.  They’re light, slightly salty, crispy and just a perfect snack.  I originally enjoyed these with some chive cottage cheese – but they’re also perfect on their own, dipped into hummus or even broken up into salad like in fattoush salad.
A 1 ounce serving is 100 calories or 2 points plus values.
Have you tried any of Trader Joe’s reduced guilt items?

Trader Joe’s Reduced Fat Cheese Puffs

I spotted these Reduced Fat Cheese Puffs near my local Trader Joe’s checkout aisle, which of course caught my attention.  I flipped over the bag, took a peek at the nutrition facts and dropped the bag into my cart.  I love cheese puffs (or crunchies) and the serving size was a wowing 35 puffs (1 oz)!
They taste like cheese puffs, although you can tell they are reduced fat – which is typical with “reduced fat” foods.  They’re not missing any flavor because they are undoubtedly cheesy, but you can typically tell there is a reduction of fat in certain foods (I sadly don’t have a better way of explaining that).  That fact doesn’t make these bad, they’re actually quite tasty.  I enjoyed them over the course of the week, my four year old niece liked them (so much she wanted to take the bag home with her – hah), and even my mother was enjoying them.  
A serving if cheese puffs is 4 points plus values. Well worth it for the sheer volume of cheese puffs you get in a serving size.
Have you tried the reduced fat cheese puffs from Trader Joe’s?