Trader Joe’s Trader Jacques’ Macarons Assortis

For months I have seen these Trader Joe’s Trader Jacques’ Macarons Assortis all over my Instagram feed. Those folks who I follow that enjoy the amazingness that is Trader Joe’s have posted about how much they enjoyed these macarons … so they have literally been on my Trader Joe’s list for months.  Why months? Well, I couldn’t find them anywhere!
I had only found the chocolate and vanilla macarons (see post here) and enjoyed them so I was looking forward to the assorted flavors. I live in an area where French bakeries are really few and far between.  In my local area, bakeries are typically Italian bakeries and macarons are not in existence – but macaroons are. Ideally they are two different ballgames but both equally delicious.  So low and behold when I spotted these in the freezer section at a Trader Joe’s I was popping into to get a few things, I grabbed two boxes.
I stuck a box in the refrigerator and opted to have them for dessert that night.  Breaking out the box I had a sample of each cookie because I was going for the full effect.  The box comes with 12 macarons, 2 of each flavor: cassis, coffee, orange, pistachio, raspberry and salted caramel.  My favorite had to have been the pistachio, followed by the coffee with the orange coming in third.  Nonetheless all the macarons were quite tasty and a unique and different treat.
A serving size is 3 cookies – which comes with a very low 130 calories, which translates into 3 points plus values. Not bad at all!
Have you ever tried macarons?

Trader Joe’s Chocolate and Vanilla Macarons

Macarons!  Apparently to never be misconstrued or misspelled as macaroons.  I never thought I’d lay my eyes on the actual thing.  That is until I spotted and purchased these Chocolate and Vanilla Macarons from Trader Joe’s!  I live in an area where the French delicacy is not sold.  I’ve heard other specialty food shops sold them – but my local locations do not.  In my area coconut macaroons are a big seller and are sold in numerous stores and specialty bake shops (particularly Italian bakeries).
These macarons were $4.99 for the box and were sold out of the freezer section at my local Trader Joe’s.  The only packaged flavor available at my location was the chocolate and vanilla variety.  I let the cookies defrost per the package directions and enjoyed.
Since I’ve never had the cookie before I have nothing to compare against – but I have to say I really loved these!  They were soft, moderately chewy and not very sweet.  They did break apart very easily, but I suspect that’s due to freezing, defrosting and bouncing around in the shopping bag in the trunk of the car.  I found the vanilla cream (frosting) was a lot softer and was spilling out of the macaron whereas the chocolate was firmer and stayed in place.
2 cookies are a serving size and they only translated into being 2 points plus values. Completely worth it, worth the experience and just plain delicious all around.  I’m a fan.  I’m also glad macarons are not sold in my area (at least no place that I know of) because I’d have to taste test.  I’ve taste tested the coconut macaroons at my local Italian bakery in the past – so I can see possible “damage” if they were sold around me like the coconut macaroons are.  But nonetheless I would and will repurchase these again … so please, Trader Joe’s, do NOT discontinue these!
Have you tried Trader Joe’s macarons? Did you enjoy them?  If not, have you ever had a macaron?