Butterball Turkey Polska Kielbasa

Growing up kielbasa (the full fat kind) was a classic in my household. We’d eat it grilled, fried, or boiled and typically alongside pierogies or on a sandwich.  Since I don’t typically eat full-fat meats any longer, I’ve switched out for leaner alternatives. One of those alternatives is turkey kielbasa. One of the brands I purchase is Butterball Turkey Polska Kielbasa.
The only true difference I can tell is that 1) it’s less greasy, 2) it’s not as tough and 3) I don’t get heartburn for days after eating it.  I definitely enjoy the absence of heartburn because as much as I enjoy kielbasa I hated the burn a few hours after eating it.  These days, I fry up my kielbasa in a non-stick skillet to get a nice “crisp” on the outside. I typically throw onions and peppers into the mix to bulk up my meal, plus it’s a great way to incorporate vegetables into the dish.  I typically cook the kielbasa up in chunks or I dice it up – it truly depends on my mood or how much I have to stretch it.
On this day I enjoyed my kielbasa with onions and peppers alongside some sautéed fresh vegetables and some Ore-Ida Simply potato wedges.  Great meal even without the bread!  A 2 ounce serving is 2 points plus values, or if you’re counting calories it’s 100 calories per serving.
What is your favorite brand of kielbasa?

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My very simple polish dinner

I decided to make a very polish dinner because I’d been dying for some sauerkraut (which my boyfriend hates) and needed a reason to make the sauerkraut pierogi’s I had purchased at a local grocery store.  My mother and aunt typically make homemade pierogi once a year, but that’s around Christmas time, so the other 11 months out of the year I rely on frozen options.  I purchased a refrigerated type by the brand Kasia’s from Shaw’s.  These are the most authentic pierogi’s I’ve had – because even though I enjoy frozen pierogi they’re nothing in comparison to homemade and the Kasia’s brand is the closest I can get.
I made corn on the cob (2 points plus), turkey kielbasa with peppers and onions (3 ounces – 3 points plus), sauerkraut (0 points plus) and sauerkraut pierogi’s (3 for 4 points plus).  It was a delicious, easy to make and filling 9 points plus dinner. I was overloaded in sauerkraut, I admit, but I enjoy sauerkraut so much it was delicious.
What is your favorite brand of pierogi?