Homemade Burgers and “Fries” at home!

I’ve been craving this burger for weeks.  My boyfriend makes undoubtedly THE best hamburgers. He seasons the meat with a few ingredients, but he adds onions and green peppers to the mixture.  He does it in a way that everything still stays together, without the use of an egg, and doesn’t fall apart on the grill.  It’s amazing and SO delicious.  One would think it would taste like a meatloaf, but it really doesn’t. It’s just a butt kicking hamburger! In the past, he would have used a 80/20 or 85/15 cut beef, but for me he graciously uses my 93/7 ground beef.
He made his burgers, grilled them and served them up along with some sliced tomato and lettuce.  This really is a perfect summertime food.  I enjoyed mine on a Trader Joe’s Multigrain Slim with some reduced sugar ketchup and spicy mustard.  My whole burger was only 5 points plus and it was incredibly filling.
On the side, since it was too hot to turn the oven on, I threw a potato in the microwave for a few minutes until it was cooked through.  I sliced it up into wedges, topped it with a little French fry seasoning and garnished it with a side of ketchup. It’s a little ode to fries.  I saw this on a fellow blogger and Weight Watcher members Instagram feed and immediately decided I had to try it (since I love potatoes and ketchup).  It’s a match made in heaven … and it’s only 3 points plus (for a 5.5 oz cooked potato).  Potatoes = Power foods which equals fullness!
Who needs McDonald’s when you can have a delicious meal like this at home?  Especially when the whole plate pictured only “cost” me 8 points plus values!
Do you have a favorite summertime food?

Trader Joe’s Garlic Fries

I’ve seen these Trader Joe’s Garlic Fries the last few times I’ve been to Trader Joe’s but I’ve avoided purchasing because I had a few frozen potato options in the freezer.  Finally, I decided to just pick them up because I simply wanted to try them. Honestly? I wish I picked them up the first time I saw them instead of waiting!
If you like garlic, especially if you love garlic, you will absolutely LOVE these French fries!  These are a garlic lovers dream French fries and I’m pretty positive they’ll make a person who doesn’t necessarily love French fries, enjoy them.  They will give you stinky garlic breath, they may even ward off vampires and unexpected guests BUT they are worth it.
The French fries have a little bit of a coating on them and all to do is lay them flat on a baking tray and put them into a preheated oven.  I did spritz mine with cooking spray before popping into the oven.  Within the pouch there is a frozen garlic spread which is to be defrosted in a cup of water.  Once the fries are done cooking, all that’s left to do is toss with the garlic spread. It’s a garlic spread, which I believe is incorporated with oil and seasonings.  All of us who had these for dinner totally loved them, so I purchased another bag on my latest Trader Joe’s shopping trip.
A 3 ounce serving is 5 points plus values.
Do you like flavored French fries?

New England Style Roast Beef Dinner (Take-Out)

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In the New England area there are two styles of roast beef.  Cold (which you can get from the deli at a market OR if you’re at a sandwich shop it’s listed under “cold sandwiches”) or hot (which is typically sold at certain roast beef sandwich shops because the roast beefs are slow cooked all day, shaved upon order and put onto a roll).
I don’t enjoy cold roast beef — but I on the other hand I LOVE hot roast beef.  Hot roast beef sandwiches are typically made with BBQ sauce (a particular brand, it’s runnier than regular BBQ sauce and spicy), but folks can also order them with horseradish, mustard and mayonnaise– as well as sides such as lettuce, tomato, onion, and cheese.  I was craving a roast beef sandwich and it sounded delicious to my boyfriend so we decided that was going to be what was for dinner. Hot roast beef sandwiches (typically) come in 3 sizes, junior, large and super (which means it’s served on an onion roll).
Since we were having dinner with my mom we ordered a roast beef dinner – which came with a small size salad, onion rings and French fries for all to share.  Sandwiches – we ordered a junior with sauce and cheese, a super with mustard and onion and a super with bbq sauce, horseradish, onion, lettuce and tomato.
About 3 bites in and I was TKO’d, so I ended up putting my sandwich into the fridge and enjoying it as a s few smaller meals the next day.  Since I only ate, not even ¼ I said it was 5 points plus – typically, if I was to eat the whole thing (due to the BBQ sauce and the roll) I say it’s anywhere between 18-19.  And if I want to get technically, I DO sometimes take the meat off the bun and weigh it.
As a side note, I do make hot roast beef sandwiches at home — but the cheap mans way out. I take thin and trim deli roast beef and lightly warm it up in the oven/toaster oven and then add my condiments to it.  It’s then a much “healthier” alternative because I’m using point friendly items.  But nonetheless – both ways are delicious!
Have you ever had a New England style roast beef sandwich?

Homemade Baked French Fries

I sometimes forget how easy it is to make French fries at home that are healthier for you.  So many times we think of French fries and instantly relate that to deep fried.  Well, there’s a way to make French fries at home, by baking them, and eliminating a whole lot of the fat.
I was inspired to make these by the Weight Watchers weekly I received at my meeting.  They were for cheese fries but since my boyfriend doesn’t like cheese, I decided to simplify it and just make salt and pepper seasoned fries.  I took 2 pounds of white washed potatoes, rinsed them under the water and then cut them up into French fry sized pieces.  I then layered them onto a Pam sprayed baking tray and tossed with a spritz of olive oil, sea salt and pepper.  I then baked them in a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes, flipping and spritzing with more Pam then baking another 20 minutes.
The fries came out really good.  They were softer, but mildly crunchy on the outside.  If you wanted a crispier fry you could toss them with olive oil.
I made 5 servings, which came out to be 4 points plus values per serving.  Delicious with a side of ketchup.
Have you ever made homemade French fries at home?