Pringles Stix Honey Butter

While shopping one day, I decided to pick up a new snack to try … Pringles Stix Honey Butter. I wasn’t entirely sure what they would taste like but they reminded me of the hard “bread sticks” that are sold packaged up.
Opening the package the stix resemble a lighter colored pretzel. They’re crunchy yet softer, if that makes sense at all. As one would assume, they’ve got a very distinct honey butter flavor which makes them more of a “dessert” type snack. The honey is far more noticeable than the butter but they are quite good.  These are one of the most flavorful varieties out of the brand that I have tried so far.
A serving (for the product in this bags packaging) is 1 ounce – which is 130 calories or 3 points plus values. If you purchase the Stix that are individually wrapped and sold in a box, the points plus values decreases to 2.
Have you tried any of the Pringles Stix?