Sandwich Bros. Angus Burger

A new item hit my local grocery stores shelves a few weeks ago and they had me intrigued. Firstly because they are premade small sandwiches but the kicker is they are served inside pita bread (one of my favorite breads). There are a wide range of sandwiches available but I decided to go with the classic hamburger as my introduction to the line.

The Sandwich Bros. Angus Burgers are half of an angus hamburger stuffed into a small but moderately thick pita bread. The sandwiches are fully cooked and only require heating up in the microwave. Lunch or a snack can be served in a mere 45 seconds or less. There are times when I’m hungry, bordering on hanger (hungry and angry mixed together) and these can give me a quick meal in a jiffy – plus they don’t require any assembly or thought process.

After heating my sandwich, I dropped in a squirt of ketchup, 2 halved grape tomatoes and a small piece of lettuce. After the first bite, I was sold — they are delicious! The hamburger packs great flavor and the bread is nice and chewy. It truly is a great little snack or lunch (although for lunch I would have 2 of them).

The nutrition stats aren’t bad at all. Points plus wise each sandwich is 3 points plus, although if you were to have two they would be 7 points plus. I found they really are a great “grab and go” meal. Quite enjoyable and I hope this line sticks around for a while because it’s a nice shake up from the norm.

Have you tried anything from the Sandwich Bros. line?