Chobani Flip Vanilla Golden Crunch

I have seen Chobani Flips all over the place, but had yet to give them a try. While on my “try all the new yogurt” kicks I picked up the Chobani Flip Vanilla Golden Crunch. I admit I’ve not been the biggest Chobani fan because the yogurts that I’ve purchased are typically sour, regardless of the flavor or how sweet the fruit is. Over the years I’ve moved away from Chobani, until I purchased this flip.
I opted for the Vanilla Golden Crunch because it was the “safest” of the available options at my store to give a try. Opening the flip up and mixing the crunchy topping into it the first bite was super sour. Face puckering sour. I decided to sprinkle a little bit of artificial sweetener into it and it turned out to be quite good once there was a bit of sweetness to it.  It’s undoubtedly vanilla and the crunchy flakes are reminiscent of corn flakes.  I enjoyed it and the crunch was different and made it unique. I’ll undoubtedly give some of the other flavors a try to see how the other ones play.
A container is 150 calories or 4 points plus values.

Dannon Light & Fit Greek Blends Cherry Chocolate Yogurt

I’ve been absolutely loving all the new Greek yogurt flavors that are popping up on grocery retailer shelves. Considering Dannon Light & Fit is my favorite Greek yogurt brand I decided to pick up the new Dannon Light & Fit Greek Blends Cherry Chocolate Yogurt when I spotted it at Wal-Mart.
Typically chocolate yogurts are not my thing because I have yet to find a yogurt that has justifiably played off the chocolate flavoring. In my experiences it has always ended up with my face in a pucker and the yogurt in the garbage.  I opted to try the Cherry Chocolate first because I quite love the original cherry yogurt … and I had a bit of a chocolate covered cherry vision in mind.  Trying the yogurt I have to say … it’s not bad. You can definitely pick up the cherry flavor, minus the fruit chunks in the classic cherry yogurt, while you can also taste the chocolate. The two are married together nicely … although I do find this particular flavor made my tongue very dry after eating. It might be due to the flavoring additives – but “cat tongue” aside, it’s a decent flavor.
A serving of yogurt is 80 calories or 2 points plus values.
Have you tried any of the new Dannon yogurt flavors?

Yoplait Light Mocha Mint Yogurt

Yoplait comes out with special limited edition yogurt flavors depending on the season.  Since I’m a big yogurt fan, I tend to try the limited edition flavors because typically they’re a nice change to the norm.  So while at Target I spotted and picked up the Yoplait Light Mocha Mint Yogurt.
Usually I buy fat free yogurts, the exception being some Greek yogurts.  Yoplait can be spot on with their flavors, so I went into this with high hopes … although I admit I was slightly afraid. Finally I pulled a container out of the fridge and upon opening it up I was rather afraid to take a bite because of the grayish look to the yogurt. Two bites in and I couldn’t handle it. It was a minty yogurt flavor that was slightly chocolaty but had a tart yogurt flavor to it. which was all around repulsive. I was NOT a fan and since I found it to be so gross I couldn’t even offer it up to family/friends so I threw the yogurt and the other three in the package in the garbage.  I’m gong to keep a mental note to not purchase anymore “mint chocolate” flavored yogurts.
A serving is 60 calories or 2 points plus values.
Have you tried the limited edition flavors by Yoplait for December/January?

Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt Nonfat Mango

While shopping at Trader Joe’s, I decided to finally give their Greek yogurt a shot. I have been pretty content with the Greek yogurt I have been purchasing, but it’s nice to shake things up once in a while.  So with that I picked up a container of the Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt Nonfat Mango.
I can be rather picky when it comes to Greek yogurt. Some yogurts I find aren’t thick enough, too tart, not sweet enough, etc. After mixing this one up and tasting it … I have to say, this was pretty much a slam dunk. It was moderately thick, yet not too thick, it was perfectly mango flavored while also offering chunks of mango throughout the yogurt.  It was sweet, but not too sweet and that natural tartness of Greek yogurt was there but it wasn’t at the forefront, which I appreciated.  The yogurt was thick, creamy and just all around delicious.
A single serving is 3 points plus values. Definitely worth it.
What is your favorite Greek yogurt?

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Nonfat Greek Yogurt

On my last trip through Trader Joe’s it was officially pumpkin season – which meant a lot of my favorite Trader Joe’s items were officially back.  One of the things I was very excited to try was the Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Nonfat Greek Yogurt.  I have purchased pumpkin yogurt and my initial thought all the time is it would be perfect if thicker … and Trader Joe’s provided just that.
The yogurt itself is very thick like classic greek yogurt.  The pumpkin flavor is undeniable, but there is a noticeable tartness from the nonfat yogurt that is also on the forefront.  The tartness can be downplayed by adding in a little bit of artificial sweetener or even some honey.  I enjoyed my yogurt with a packet of Equal stirred into it, then topped over some strawberries and blueberries and topped off with 1/3 cup of Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Granola.  It was delicious and very filling.  It’s the perfect pumpkin greek yogurt.  And I enjoyed it so much I made sure to pick up 2 more containers.
A container houses an 8 ounce serving which is 190 calories, which is equal to 5 points plus values. Sure, it’s high for yogurt, but it’s definitely worth it – plus you’re getting almost double the amount of yogurt you would typically get.
Have you tried the pumpkin greek yogurt from Trader Joe’s?

Yoplait Light Pumpkin Pie Yogurt

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again … fall is upon us, which means pumpkin everything! One of my favorite repeat purchases has been Yoplait Light Pumpkin Pie Yogurt.  This little gem is distributed by Yoplait this time of year … but oddly enough is usually only found (at least in my area) at Target locations. I first spotted this last year and have been hooked since then.  When I spotted this 4-pack at Target, I immediately put it in my cart.

The yogurt flavoring is on point; it tastes just like a pumpkin pie although a slightly tart pumpkin pie.  Before I take my first bite, I usually have to remind myself of the consistency. The yogurt is on the thinner side which isn’t the texture of pumpkin pie so it at first is a little mind boggling. Granted, if this were a Greek yogurt, I think it’d be a homerun in the park but even with it being regular yogurt it’s quite delicious.. Last year I did try these incorporated into a smoothie and it was a deliciously fabulous experience. I haven’t made a pumpkin pie smoothie yet because I ate up my yogurt and have to get to Target to get another pack soon!

One cup is 2 points plus, whereas 2 cups is 3 points plus.  Quite worth it for the average pumpkin lover!
Have you tried the Yoplait Pumpkin Pie yogurt?

New Favorite Snack! Yogurt Parfait

This has been my newfound favorite snack and occasionally on those days where I’m not terribly hungry in the morning, my breakfast.  I do switch up the yogurt flavors depending on my mood but usually it’s either Yoplait’s Vanilla Greek Yogurt (2ppv) or Dannon Light & Fit Coconut Vanilla Greek Blends(2ppv).
Back in my hay-day I used to order the McDonald’s Parfait because I felt that was a healthier choice to go along with my McDonald’s breakfast (which consisted of McDonald’s sandwiches). I realize most parfaits come with granola but I tend to skip on that step. I haven’t found a granola that is point comfortable for a satisfying enough serving size. Yet even without it, the parfait is satisfying and filling.
I sprinkle a layer of fresh blueberries and strawberries into the bottom of a bowl.  A few times I’ve had to use frozen no-sugar added strawberries which I let defrost for a little while before layering.  I then add in my single serving of Greek yogurt (either coconut or vanilla) followed by additional blueberries and strawberries.
It’s totally delicious because it’s light, satisfying, delicious and refreshing.  The greatest part is its only 2 points plus.
Do you make yogurt parfaits at home?

FAGE Total Split Cups Review

I was invited to take part in a BzzAgent BzzCampaign featuring FAGE Total Split Cup Greek yogurt.  I was immediately interested because I LOVE Greek yogurt, but I don’t try all the brands on the market – because lets face it, Greek yogurt can get pricey especially if you find after a bite or two you don’t like it.  I have seen a number of people eating them along with their lunch, but I had never taken the plunge to try it myself.
The interesting and unique part of this yogurt is the fact that the flavors are split. There is no “fruit on the bottom” or “blended flavors” in this yogurt – it’s simply a plain Greek yogurt on one side of the cup and on the other is the flavoring of the yogurt you’ve chosen. The flavoring resembles a loose jam or ice cream topping that can be mixed into the yogurt (my preference), layered with the yogurt bite by bite, etc.  It really allows you to control how much sweetness and flavoring you include with your yogurt.
The one great thing about this yogurt is there is no room for boring. There are so many different flavors available that it would certainly shake your everyday normal yogurt up.  The flavors available under the Total 0% are as follows: plain, raspberry, strawberry, peach, cherry, blueberry, cherry pomegranate, blueberry acai, mango guanabana, strawberry goji, honey, apple cinnamon raisins, orange cinnamon, passion fruit Clementine and kiwi papaya passion fruit.  Granted, your local grocery store may not carry all of these flavors (mine certainly doesn’t), but I found there were a number of flavors available to choose from without it being the same ole staple “boring” flavors.
Out of all the flavors I purchased, I enjoyed the blueberry the most.  It was filling and packed with flavor. The cherry was a second runner up but I found it was a little tarter than I’d hope for. I do not like plain Greek yogurt simply because it’s too tart for me to eat on its own.  But I will say, the plain yogurt is great to use as a vegetable dip.  I took the plain and added some ranch powdered dressing to it for a delicious, filling veggie dip.
These were a nice twist from the norm staple greek yogurts in my refrigerator.  They calculate out to 3 points plus values (the plain is 2 points plus values), which isn’t bad in comparison to some of the other brands on the market.  Overall, I did enjoy these – but I will admit, finding a flavor to suit your fancy can be a little trial and error as it is with really anything you buy that’s new to your palette.
What is your favorite greek yogurt flavor?

Bolthouse Farms Honey Mustard Yogurt Dressing

I love salad, but I admit my choice of dressing can get boring.  Unfortunately, when my dressing is boring, my salads feel boring and I start to lose interest.  To spice it up, I’m always on the hunt for a new dressing to add into the mix to keep things interesting and flavorful.
When I spotted the Bolthouse Farms Honey Mustard Yogurt Dressing I was immediately intrigued. I calculated the points plus values, added the bottle to my shopping cart and off I went.  I frequent Chick-Fil-A and they have THE best fat free honey mustard dressing on the planet, so I hoped this would give my palette that same flavor category. It’s not a duplicate, but it’s more than likely the closest I am going to get. It’s just plain delicious – creamy, packed with flavor, and unique enough to even be a replacement for mayonnaise in some recipes (broccoli slaw, maybe even a little in potato salad).
I absolutely love this dressing and I’m looking forward to trying more from this line.  There’s a whole line of dressings by Bolthouse Farms. The line can be found in your grocery stores refrigerator section near the produce.
The greatest part is a 2 tablespoon serving is only 1 points plus values. Definitely worth it in my opinion!
What is your favorite salad dressing?

Dannon Light & Fit Greek Blends – Key Lime

On my quest to try out the new Dannon Light & Fit Greek Blends yogurt I found the Key Lime flavor after thinking there were only 3 flavors in the line.  As I’ve mentioned numerous times in my blog, I really enjoy Greek yogurt. Because of this, I love finding different Greek yogurts that are points plus friendly and equally delicious.  I was intrigued because I have tried other key lime yogurts and have quite enjoyed them. Key lime is one of those tangy flavors that’s just different and unique.
If you’re not a fan of lime, then this yogurt will probably not be a homerun for you.  It’s not tangy, it’s a sweeter lime flavor, and in my opinion it’s definitely delicious.  It reminds of the Dannon Oikos key lime yogurts which I have grown to love.  Granted, they’re made by the same company so they may very well be the same thing in different packaging.
As with the other yogurts in this particular line, these are 2 points plus values.
Have you tried any of the Dannon Light & Fit Greek Blends?