Lean Pockets – Whole Grain Supreme Pizza

Many, many moons ago I used to be a huge Lean Pocket/ Hot Pocket fan.  Since I am a self proclaimed pizza lover, this brand offered a quick and easy alternative to the greasy and delicious pizza I tend to crave.  I’ll be honest, it’s been years since I’ve purchased these because I’ve always assumed the Weight Watchers Points Plus would not be worth it.  That is until one of my coworkers continued to bring these in for lunch almost every day and the smell would linger in the lunch room and our office area (we share an area) and I kept telling him “You’re making me want to go on a Lean Pocket hunt.”
Truth be told – while at Target, I did just that.  They happened to be on sale so I scanned the Lean Pockets (because they are lesser fat and calories in comparison to the original Hot Pockets).  I started flipping some of the boxes over (completely oblivious to the fact that they actually have the Points Plus values printed ON the back of the boxes!) and decided to go with the Supreme flavor since it’s always been one of my favorite.
Points Plus wise one pocket was 6 points, but if you were really hunger the two would be 12 points plus (which oddly enough is lesser points than if you were to have 2 slices of supreme pizza).  The Supreme Pizza pockets come stuffed with sausage and reduced fat pepperoni, reduced ftat cheese along with sauce in a soft/crispy whole grain crust.
Have you tried any of the Lean Pockets / Hot Pockets varieties? If so, what’s your favorite?