McDonald’s Egg White Delight McMuffin

I received a Klout perk to try out the new McDonald’s Egg White Delight McMuffin.  I also received a $1 coupon from McDonald’s Facebook page.  For a few weeks I had been seeing this forced promotion showing up in my Facebook feed, so I clicked on it and signed up for the coupon – printed it out – then signed up and printed one out for my boyfriend and stuck them on my desk.
One morning we decided picking up breakfast would be a good idea because we weren’t quite sure what we wanted. Plus it would be a different sort of “treat” since typically breakfast is an array of things, but typically they’re the same sorts of staple items.
The Egg White Delight is a classic McDonald’s McMuffin breakfast sandwich – the normal fried egg being removed and replaced with egg whites and the cheese being switched out to white cheddar.  The only thing that really remains the same is the English muffin and the Canadian bacon.  According to McDonald’s the sandwich contains 250 calories.
I decided to just get the sandwich as it came because I was having a heck of a time navigating the McDonald’s website the morning we decided to try out the sandwiches (I can now easily find them – foggy brain).
The sandwich I received was very lackluster on the egg front. There was a little bit of egg white on the side, but other than that the egg white was nonexistent.  My sandwich was an English muffin, with cheese and Canadian bacon.  I did add some reduced sugar ketchup onto my sandwich to eat it (since that’s how I eat my breakfast sandwiches).  Taste wise, it was alright … nothing to brag about and nothing worth putting extra points plus values towards.
Would I repurchase it?  Probably not.  The only exception would be if I were traveling state to state relying on fast food chains as my meal choices.  If that were to happen, perhaps I’d buy another.  Honestly, I’d rather make a healthier and tastier breakfast sandwich at home for half the calories AND points plus values!
BTW – the sandwich is 7 points plus values as served. Not worth it in my opinion!
Have you tried McDonald’s Egg White Delight McMuffin?