Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate filled with Speculoos Cookie Spread

I had seen this Dark Chocolate filled Speculoos Cookie Spread chocolate bar at Trader Joe’s a number of times but hadn’t picked it up, until one of my last trips.  I was browsing the snack section of Trader Joe’s and decided to just grab the bar to try it out with my boyfriend.  We both absolutely LOVE cookie butter – so cookie butter mixed with chocolate?  Could that possible be the recipe for heaven?
Fristly, I do want to mention that I am not a dark chocolate fan for the most part. But the cookie butter was my immediate seller.  I split this with my boyfriend during our movie night and I have to say the chocolate is pretty good.  The dark chocolate most definitely cuts the sweetness of cookie butter (since I’ll admit, even though I LOVE cookie butter it can get incredibly and overpoweringly sweet after a while).  Creating it with dark chocolate is definitely an A+ and a home run.
The whole bar contains 6 squares, and for those of us who are Weight Watchers members the whole bar is 7 points plus.  Half of the bar (3 squares) is 3 points plus.  In all honesty, half of the bar is well enough to satisfy any sweet tooth.
Have you trie the Dark Chocolate filled Speculoos Cookie Spread bar?