Convenience Food: Prepared Fruit Salad

So many people say “Who would pay $4.99 for a bowl of cut up fruit?”  Well …this girl!  Why? Because if it’s cut up and prepared, I’m going to reach for it in my refrigerator.  If it’s a whole cantaloupe on my counter top … I may just let it sit there long enough that it goes bad and I have to throw it away and in turn reach for a bag of chips or 100 calorie pack cookies.
I pay out of pocket for convenience because convenience really is helpful in my day to day life.  If an item is available at my fingertips I am undoubtedly going to make a better choice – even subconsciously. I’ll be honest, I don’t always buy prepared fruit cut up and ready to go – I do buy whole watermelons, cantaloupes and pineapples but typically they sit around before I cut them up.
As a human, I open the refrigerator and gaze into the fridge, my eyes scanning to see something that catches my eye.  My apples, nectarines and grapes are in the fruit draw so they are typically out of sight. I have to go looking for those.  There can be temptations in my fridge (cake, leftover pizza, etc) but if I see a nice bowl of mixed fruit salad, the colors are going to snag my eye and I’m going to leave the kitchen without a second thought or glance.  So yes, I will pay $5 for a container of fruit.  Some won’t, some will – but it all depends on what makes things easier for you and what you like taste wise.