Thomas’ Limited Edition Cranberry Bagels

While at the grocery store, I noticed they had some new bagels in the Thomas’ section. I had been enjoying the Trader Joe Pumpkin bagels, so when I spotted cranberry bagels I was intrigued. I picked up the package and like I do with most baked bread items, I gave it a sniff and I could smell the cranberry scent right through the plastic. I checked the nutrition facts and put the bag into my cart.
Like most companies, Thomas’ releases new flavored items based on the season and the winter season comes with plenty gingerbread (which are one of the flavor options available) and cranberry. Thomas’ Limited Edition Cranberry Bagels are quite delicious. They remind me of the blueberry bagels, where they are very fragrant and taste just like the fruit but milder.  They smell more fragrant than they taste, but nonetheless they are delicious. The cranberry isn’t too sweet or too tart – it’s just right. They’re great with a little butter, or they’re even better with a little peanut butter.
Each bagel is 250 calories or 6 points plus values.
Have you tried any of the Thomas’ Limited Edition winter flavors?