Goldfish Puffs Buffalo Wing

Goldfish launched a new line of snacks which resemble goldfish shaped cheese puffs. These puffs come in a few different flavors, so while at Target I picked up a small double serving bag of Goldfish Puffs Buffalo Wing.
I was hesitant to pick up a full-size bag of the buffalo wing flavored puffs because typically I relate buffalo to flaming hot. I enjoy spice and heat, but for my taste buds too much is overwhelming.  When I cracked open the bag, I was rewarded with the classic buffalo scent. After the first puff I was pleasantly surprised that they weren’t burn a hole in your tongue hot. They’re truly a classic buffalo flavor without being overwhelming – either to spicy or too vinegary. I found as the more I ate of my serving, the more I got the heat, but they never quite got too spicy. The flavor was enjoyable and these have to be my favorite out of the flavors I have tried (mega cheese and salsa con queso).
Each serving is 1.1 oz (roughly 41 pieces) is 140 calories or 4 points plus values.
Have you tried any of the Goldfish Puffs?