There’s no room for looking back or “just in case”

From the moment I started dropping clothing sizes on my weight loss journey, I began the process of purging attire that no longer fit.  I’ve always had the mentality of if it doesn’t fit there’s no use in keeping it around because I don’t need it anymore.  Yes, I don’t need it because I don’t ever plan on getting back to the size I was when I started, nor do I plan on getting up to a size I just moved out of.
The first time I went through my clothing, I felt a sense of liberation.  I still get that feeling when I sort through my clothing and pull out what no longer fits. Doing this not only provides me the space I need for my clothing, but it allows me to really see all that is in my current wardrobe. It allows me to pull out pieces I may not like, or it gives me a sense of what I really need or what I do not need to purchase.
The first time I began sorting through my clothing it was 6X and 5X clothing. I piled those into black garbage bags and delivered them to friends and families houses that could use the clothing.  Whatever was not needed I donated to the local Salvation Army. It moved on from there for every size – donating, giving to friends and family, selling items that were new with tags on them, etc.
Two weekends ago I went through and passed on my XL and many of my Large shirts.  I also passed on my size 14 jeans.  I have a few pairs of 12’s that I can wear because they’re more “stretchy jean” than real jean fabric jeans. Thankfully at the same time, my aunt passed on some size 10 jeans so I now won’t have to buy any.  All around – hooray for finding new homes for clothing!
I don’t ever plan on gaining the weight I lost back, not even a bit, so I don’t feel it’s necessary to hold onto clothing for those “just in case” moments because those aren’t an option. It’s not even a thought or a potential destination.  I’ve come so far to turn and look back – it’s all open road ahead of me!