Weight Watchers Greek Pasta Salad

After purchasing the new Weight Watchers Family Style cookbook, the Greek Pasta Salad was one of the dishes I marked off as a dish I had to make.  The picture that went along with the recipe truly did sell me because it looked amazing.  The recipe itself was as simple as simple can get, so it was a must make.
My aunt was having a family BBQ this past weekend and I decided I was going to make the dish as part of my contribution. I whipped up a double batch in the early afternoon and brought it over.  Everyone was in love with it and no one knew it was a Weight Watchers recipe.  I think they knew since I made it and brought it, that it had to be healthy in some way.  My aunt was surprised when I told her I could have 2 cups for 7 points plus.
The dish is fabulous. The dressing really brings it home and reminds me of a classic house Greek dressing a restaurant would offer.  Definitely two thumbs up!