Nestle Raspberry & Cream Ice Cream Bars

A couple weeks ago Shaw’s was having a sale on Nestle ice creams.  If you purchased 4 boxes of ice cream you got them for $1.77/ea.  I had $1 off any Nestle ice cream coupons, making each box of ice cream 77 cents.  Since my boyfriend likes Drumsticks and they’re ridiculously expensive I decided to get a few boxes to stick in the freezer and spotted these Nestle Raspberry & Cream bars for myself.
The bars have a raspberry flavored “popsicle” coating on the outside (it’s crunchy and hard as classic popsicles are) with the middle being a creamy ice cream. The combination is really delicious and thirst quenching, particularly on those hot summer days.
One of the great parts is that a popsicle is only 2 points plus values.  I love finding low points plus ice cream finds!
Have you tried the Raspberry & Cream bars?