Homemade Pea Soup

Ever since I was a little girl my mother ALWAYS made pea soup.  My dad and mom loved it – my aunt makes it – everyone eats it except my brother and I would go “EWE! IT’S GREEN!!” and refuse to eat it, smell it or even taste it.  That is until a few weeks ago – my mother made a big pot of homemade pea soup and asked me if I’d like some.  At first I went “Ew, that’s gross” and I realized I’ve never truly even tasted it.  So I pulled up my Weight Watchers app on my phone, punched in pea soup and was quite surprised that it was only 4 Points Plus for a 1 cup serving.
Because the points were so low I decided to brace myself and actually give it a try.  I was surprised with how GOOD it was!  I can’t believe I’d gone 28 years without trying it before this instance.  It only had a little bit of ham, green split peas, water, 1 potato and a carrot in it.  Deliciously amazing.  I used to never be a soup person but lately I’ve been dappling into the soup world more and more (homemade – not canned) and have been finding I’m really enjoying it!
What is our favorite soup?