Limited Edition Ice Cream Oreo Rainbow Shure, Bert!

I first tried these Limited Edition Ice Cream Oreo Rainbow Shure, Bert! cookies at my aunt’s house and thought they were the greatest tasting Oreo cookies I’ve ever tried – outside of the original chocolate Oreos which are one of my all time favorites.  I thought they were so delicious I wanted to have a pack in the house.  Because they are limited edition it was trial and error to find a pack in the store … that was until I went to my favorite store ever: Target!
The cookies have the classic white cookie shell and the icing is a delicious blend of flavors which truly do taste JUST like rainbow sherbet.  The cream is a mixture of raspberry and lime and the two flavors totally balance one another out.  They smell like ice cream, they taste like ice cream – they’re just a fancy little cookie. I can’t get over how delicious these cookies are.  My boyfriend took one bite of the cookie, looked at me and said “Oh, we’re going to have to get more.”
One of the things I really like about these cookies is I don’t find them to be sickly sweet.  I could get away with having 2 cookies (which is the serving size) and those 2 cookies will only cost you 4 points plus values.
If you like sherbet then you’ll undoubtedly like these.  But if you’re a fan of the original Oreos and none of the other limited edition flavors, then these may not be for you.  Since these are limited edition they are hard to find, but like I mentioned I did find these at Target.
Have you tried the Limited Edition Ice Cream Oreo Rainbow Shure, Bert?