Trader Joe’s Grilled Chicken Cacciatore over Carba-Nada pasta

I spotted an item I hadn’t seen at my local Trader Joe’s before so I decided to pick it up.  After a few days, I opted to make the Trader Joe’s Grilled Chicken Cacciatore into a lunch.  Because I typically eat my homemade chicken cacciatore with rice or pasta, I whipped up 1 ½ cups of Carba-nada pasta. While my pasta was cooking, I heated the grilled chicken cacciatore in the microwave per the directions on the back of the package.
After emptying the contents out of the cooking pouch, the chicken is provided in a large breast.  Not a big deal to have to cut the chicken up because each container houses 3 servings.  After dishing up my serving over my pasta, the true taste test happened.  The sauce is decent – not the greatest tasting sauce, but okay.  It’s got flavorful spices in it as well as a few vegetables such as peas, mushrooms and onion.  The chicken is where it got a little weird for me.  The chicken is labeled as grilled but texture wise it didn’t have any textured char marks on it meaning the chicken was rather soft.  I am a texture person when it comes to food and after a few pieces of chicken I ended up giving the remainder of my chicken to my dog – but I did eat the rest of the sauce with my pasta.
I am not saying this is horrible, it’s a passable meal, but if you’re weirded out by textures of meats then this may very well be a skip for you.  I think if the chicken had actual char marks on it which changed the outside texture of the meat, it would be decent.  If you like quick and easy dinner/lunch ideas and are a fan of cacciatore then this would be something worth picking up.
A serving – 1/3 of the package is 4 points plus.  The entire meal pictured including the pasta was 7 points plus.
Have you ever tried the grilled chicken cacciatore from Trader Joe’s?

Dinner: Slow Cooker Italian Herb Chicken

I decided I wanted to make something in the Crock pot for dinner because it just simplifies things for me – especially since I travel for work.  It’s not a terribly long commute, but in traffic it can get entirely annoying and put a huge damper on my dinner plans.  So to deter that annoyance and being ahead of the game with pre-planning my meals I rely on my Crock pot.  A crock pot has truly been a time saver (life saver?) for me for many years.  If you’re not aware you’d be surprised the things you can make in your Crock pot – from breakfast items to dessert with everything in between.
I had picked up a McCormick seasoning pack in Italian Herb Chicken and it had been sitting in my pantry cabinet waiting to be used.  I was trying to figure out dinner and spotted the packet, realized I had everything needed to make it and onto the dinner menu it went.  Originally the packet called for mushrooms but my boyfriend isn’t a big mushroom fan so I substituted for onion and peppers.
To make this all I needed was 2 pounds of chicken, two cans diced tomato, one can tomato paste, the McCormick seasoning pack and the vegetables of my choice (peppers and onions).  I actually also added minced garlic to the crock pot because I put garlic in almost everything!
After setting my crock pot and “forgetting it” I found the end product was very much a chicken cacciatore.  It was delicious and I did serve this over white rice.
Weight Watcher Point Plus wise I measured out my chicken (3 ounces) and gave it 3 points plus for the chicken with some veggies.  My rice (1 cup) was an additional 5 points plus values.  8 Points plus was not bad for a delicious, homemade and simple dinner.
Apologies for not having the plated version photographed – I took a picture but my camera was evidentially hungry.
Do you have a Crockpot you use to help simplify cooking?