My new favorite snack of the moment: Ritz Everything Crackers & Chive Cottage Cheese

This has been my new “go-to” snack as of late and I am absolutely LOVING the combination!  I’ve always been a fan of chive cottage cheese (thanks to my mother) and I’ve grown up eating it with Ritz crackers.  When I spotted Ritz had come out with an “Everything” cracker I initially hesitated to purchase them.  Everything bagels used to be my weakness back in the hay-day and Ritz crackers can sometimes allow me to go overboard at times (when I mindlessly eat them with something).
The combination of the everything cracker with the chive cottage cheese is just out of this world delicious. The crackers are lightly seasoned to taste just like the bagel.  There is the definite taste of onion, poppy seed, garlic and sea salt – but the flavors themselves are not overwhelming.  The crackers are just perfectly seasoned.  A serving is 5 crackers for 2 points plus – which is absolutely not bad at all.
Chive cottage cheese has always been my favorite cottage cheese.  I’ve tried the fruit cottage cheeses and I’ve tried the plain but nothing has ever “sunk” me such as the chive variety.  There is a low fat variety available, but typically has onion in it and it tastes different – just not the same.  The greatest part is that for ½ cup serving it’s only 3 points plus and ½ cup of cottage cheese is VERY filling.
A delicious and filling 5 point plus snack? I’ll take that any day of the week!
Have you tried the new Ritz Everything crackers and/or chive cottage cheese?