Trader Joe’s Hummus with freshly ground Horseradish

I am and always have been a huge fan of hummus. I also tend to really love horseradish, typically in obscene amounts.  So when I saw this Trader Joe’s Hummus with Freshly Ground Horseradish I knew I had to pick it up without even a second guess.
I’ve been using the hummus on sandwiches as a condiment and I have to say it’s straight up delicious.  Flavor wise it’s definitely hummus, but in the background there is a slight tang of horseradish.  It’s definitely not overwhelming, overpowering or wowing – but it’s there, very mildly.  The hummus undoubtedly brings down the heat index of the horseradish and in turn gives it a very subdued flavor.  I would enjoy it if it were spicier, but all-in-all its fine as it is.
2 tablespoons is a serving size and it calculates out to be 1 points plus values.
What is your favorite hummus flavor?