My $2 Life is Good Nalgene Water Bottle

This was a perfect and rather unsuspecting haul.  I received a $10 certificate from a local store, Bob’s because I have a store rewards card with them and they typically send you a $10 certificate twice a year, plus one for your birthday.  I typically go in there when I get these (even when I don’t get the certificates) to get my sneakers, sandals and typically some sort of attire.  I have a new pair of sneakers in the closet and I didn’t need another pair of sandals so I decided to pick up this pretty pink with heart accent Life is Good Nalgene water bottle.  The bottle itself holds 32 ounces of water, which is fabulous since I typically only buy water bottles that can hold at a minimum 28 ounces of water.  I originally was going to pick up a camel back bottle BUT I am not a fan of bottles that have straws because since my bottles ALWAYS have water in them, I find straws rust out on me rather quickly.  So with this not having a straw, I don’t have to worry about that happening!

What is your favorite brand of water container?