Trader Joe’s Fully Cooked Season Pork Roast with Barbecue Sauce

When it comes to barbecue I am a full-on barbecue pork fan. Ribs, chops, you name it its delicious because barbecue is meant to be delicious. I don’t really go into the beef barbecue rib realm because in my opinion, pork barbecue is where it’s at. Admittedly I don’t always have the time to make barbecue (outside of in my crock pot for pulled pork/chicken). So that’s where Trader Joe’s Fully Cooked Season Pork Roast with Barbecue Sauce steps in.
I originally purchased this many, many moons ago to try out because it sounded tasty and the picture on the bag looked tasty. What caught my attention was that the pork roast is already cooked and in barbecue sauce – all that I needed to do was heat it up in the oven. I will say since trying this, it has been a repurchase for me on numerous occasions.
The pork roast itself is meaty, tender and flavorful. There are a few pieces of fat that run through it, but it’s nothing overwhelming – you can truly see it, pull it out and you’re good to go. The barbecue sauce is a ideally what a barbecue sauce should be.  For comparison purposes, I’d probably compare it to a Sweet Baby Ray’s but it’s not as tangy.  The meat itself is very tender where you can shred it with a fork.  It’s definitely a homerun in my opinion.
A 5 ounce serving (with sauce) is 225 calories or 6 points plus values.
What is your favorite barbecue food?