Amazon Haul: Weight Loss Boss by David Kirchhoff

This is what you order when you’re home, you receive an e-mail from Weight Watchers and you end up looking for the book – Weight Loss Boss by David Kirchhoff on Amazon. Incase you are not aware, David Kirchhoff is the President and CEO of Weight Watchers.
I know with a Kindle, why would I want the book?  Well, to be honest, I’m still a little “old school.” Even though I have a Kindle Fire I almost prefer to have the book in hand – even though they do take up space, etc.  But oddities with book preference aside I purchased the book because the great part about Amazon is that you can actually preview the book before you buy it.  Typically you get the first 15 or so pages to view including the table of contents.
From what I read, the book sounded as though it was going to be a very insightful, but also humorous read.  Being a Weight Watchers member for three years, I still find it so fascinating to hear about others journeys.  We all experience different things along the way and we all have different trigger foods, different anchors, different stories and different tips and tricks that work for us.  I haven’t started reading yet, but I do plan on doing so this week.  Perhaps I can post a review of the book once I’m finished with it.
Have you purchased this book for yourself or do you plan to?